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Price per day, USD

Price per project, USD


Proposed Post-Holders consulting to prepare for interview with Authority

Post-Holders consultion for interview with EASA for Part-145 / Part-M Subpat F approved activity

Post-Holders consulting for inretview with GCAA (UAE) for CAR-145 / CAR-M Subpat F approved activity

Consulting for preparation of maintenance organization for EASA approval according to Part-145 or Part-M Subpart F or GCAA (UAE) approval according to CAR-145 or CAR-M Subpart F

Consulting includes the following:

- preparation darft of MOE / MOM and applicable Forms and amendment as required by Authority to close findings.

- conduct 2 onsite audits: initial and final to close finding before onsite audit by Authority

- permanent consulting service until approval issued by Authority

15'000 Not include travel / accommodation cost (if so)
Qualifying Auditor service To conduct quality audits in the EASA approved Part-145 / Part-M Subpart F organizations and GCAA approved CAR-145 / CAR-M Subpart G organizations 1'200
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