EU (EASA) Aviation Legislation (Module 10)

CategoryА, B1.1, B2
DurationA - 21 h 30 minB1.1 - 21 hB2 - 21 h
Number of ParticipantsMin - 10Мax - 28
Target Groups-
ExamА, B1.1, B2Multiple Choice Questions + Essay
AVIATION LEGISLATION for maintenance technician mechanic

B1 B2
10.1 Regulatory Framework

Role of International Civil Aviation Organisation; Role of EASA; Role of the Member States; Relationship between Part-145, Part-66, Part-147 and Part-M; Relationship with other Aviation Authorities.


10.2 Part-66 - Certifying Staff - Maintenance

Detailed understanding of Part-66.


2 2
10.3 Part-145 - Approved Maintenance Organisations

Detailed understanding of Part-145.


2 2
10.4 JAR-OPS - Commercial Air Transportation

Air Operators Certificates; Operators Responsibilities; Document to be Carried; Aircraft Placarding (Markings).


1 1
10.5 Aircraft Certification
(a) General
Certification rules: such as EACS 23/25/27/29; Type Certification; Supplemental Type Certification; Part-21 Design/Production Organisation Approvals.
- 1

(b) Documents
Certificate of Airworthiness; Certificate of Registration; Noise Certificate; Weight Schedule; Radio Station Licence and Approval.


- 2
10.6 Part-M

Detailed undertstanding of Part-M.


2 2
10.7 Applicable National and International Requirements for (if not superseded by EU requirements)
(a) Maintenance Programmes, Maintenance checks and inspections; Master Minimum Equipment Lists, Minimum Equipment List, Dispatch Deviation Lists; Airworthiness Directives; Service Bulletins, manufacturers service information; Modifications and repairs; Maintenance documentation: maintenance manuals, structural repair manual, illustrated parts catalogue, etc.; 1 2
(b) Continuing airworthiness; Test flights; ETOPS, maintenance and dispatch requirements; All Weather Operations, Category 2/3 operations and minimum equipment requirements. - 1
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