Sheet Metal Structure Repair

CategoryNo Limitations
DurationTheory - 15 daysPractice - 15 days
Number of ParticipantsMin. - 8Max. - 15
Target Groups-
ExamNot included

Sheet Metal Repair (theory)

Content of courses:

  • The structure of matter;
  • Classification of Aluminum Alloys;
  • The use of aluminum alloys;
  • Heat treatment;
  • Classification of Fasteners;
  • Corrosion prevention & control;
  • Strengthening of aluminum alloys by shoot peening;
  • Engineering drawings;
  • Measurement;
  • Tools and manufacture.

Sheet Metal Repair (practice)

Content of courses:

  • Sheet-metal forming;
  • Aluminum alloys heat treatment (rivets & sheets);
  • Solid Rivets Installation-Removal;
  • Hi-Loks Installation-Removal;
  • Cherry-Max Rivets Installation-Removal;
  • Fabrication Parts of Structure, such as: stringers, frames, skin plates;
  • Conductivity testing of Parts post Heat treatment and fabrication;
  • Shoot peening (Flap peening) procedures.
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